About us

Many people know Michaela Elisabeta Georgina Mašková as M.E.G from her Instagram @m.e.g_maskova, some as a successful rentier in the field of real estate, others as the director - founder of the M.E.G Charity foundation fund. This is her mission and hobby at the same time. Most of the money from the foundation's events goes to purchase equipment for hospitals. 

Through visits to the hospitals she supports, she discovered that most illnesses have a psychosomatic cause. For these reasons, she decided to complete her education and complete a coach-therapist course at the Masaryk Institute of Higher Studies at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

M.E.G has written 2 successful books and is a blogger. He writes blogs based on real life stories of interpersonal relationships.

In 2021, she received the second level certificate Dr. Bach, thus becoming a practitioner of Dr. Bach's method of treatment. Bach.

In the video below this text, we will introduce you to the beginnings of the company and the quality of the unique M.E.G Bio Bachovka drops.