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Miracle in a bottle: the Bach drops have been helping for almost a century

Harmony is the key to contentment. But in a time of haste and uncertainty, harmony is hard to find. There is fatigue, anxiety, migraines, unexplained physical ailments for which conventional medicine has no answers. But solving these problems may be easier than we think.

Zázračné kapky? Bachovy esence léčí duši i tělo

Bach essences are a true miracle in a bottle

The natural system of healing with Bach flower essences has been used for almost 100 years. "The whole philosophy is that every plant, creature and being has a certain vibration. The British physician Dr. Bach extracted 38 essences that harmonize our energy. Most physical ailments come from our emotions, vibrations, being out of balance. "Bach infusions work on our negative emotions, they don't dull them, but help draw them into our core," explains MEG Mašková, entrepreneur and founder of her own brand MEG Bio Bach infusions.

Bach essences: life's harmony is just a drop away

We are in difficult times, fear and uncertainty are slowly eating away at our souls and bringing with it psychological and physical manifestations. But the solution may be closer than we think. The Bach Drops method of healing, popular around the world, has excellent effects across problems and generations. Expert and certified therapist M.E.G. Mašková told us how "Bach drops" can help you too.

MYSTERY DROPS: Bach essences heal the soul and body

All of us sometimes go through more challenging times, stress, fatigue, depression, unexplained physical ailments for which classical medicine has no answers. But solving these problems may be easier than we think. The harmonization of the body using Bach flowers was introduced to us by the expert MEG Mašková.

A miracle hidden in a small bottle

Are you suffering from stress, burnout syndrome, menopause or fear? Try the M.E.G Bio Rats. Therapist, coach and founder of the M.E.G Charity Foundation Michaela Elisabeta Georgina Mašková told us what PRINCIPLE they work on.

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