acute crisis drops - SOS


30 ml
The drops serve to significantly calm down in an acute condition - they do not remove long-term blocks and negations.
The drops are a mixture of 6 essences that help cope with difficult psychological states such as LOSS, SHOCK, DEATH OF A NEAR PERSON, CHANGE, ANXIETY, LONELYNESS. We recommend the drops to our customers for sudden headaches or alcohol overdose. For children and babies, the drops help, for example, with tummy aches, teething, tantrums, hysterical fits, sudden anxiety and unstoppable crying.

Drip directly into the mouth or into water to drink immediately.
We drip 4 drops after 5 minutes until complete relaxation.
At the classic dosage, the bottle lasts 3-4 weeks.
You can combine the drops with the Customized Drops product or with the Concrete Drops product.
The drops in the base contain a minimal dose of alcohol, which is a preservative and cannot be inhaled.

Drops can be combined with food supplements and chemical drugs.

Drops with alcohol preservative cannot be combined with Antabuse drugs.

We recommend drops with glycerol for pregnant women, babies under 1 year old and animals.

We ship within 10 days from the payment of the order.

All orders paid by Monday 10 am will be shipped that week.

You can find everything in the video, see the link

A daily dose of 4 drops 4 times a day will cost you 16 CZK.

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